12. 6. 2021

Mathematics for a better world

Results of the call for contributions to the International Day of Mathematics


This year the International Mathematics Union (IMU) invited the international community to organize events in celebration of the International day of mathematics, March 14, 2021, or 3.14, 2021, also as π-day on the topic »Mathematics for a better world«.  At DMFA Slovenije we invited students and teachers of elementary and high schools in Slovenia to contribute posters, videospots, poetry and other works of art showing how mathematics can in their opinion make the world better.   

Due to the unusual pandemic circumstances this spring we didn't expect much, but the response to our invitation was overwhelming. We received more than 100 posters, poems, cartoons, videos, even an original song and a board game, from all over Slovenia. 

Virtual exhibition: Mathematcs for a better world

Some of the best and most original pieces are on view on the virtual exhibition Mathematics for a better world. The song accompanying a walk through the exhibition is an original contribution by Urška Bračun and Tia Toth, students of Kmetijska šola Grm in Biotehniška gimnazija, Novo mesto.

We invite you to take a walk through the exhibition! Use the "feet" icon to find your way around. A click on an image will  provide information on the authors and on the work and, in the case of videos, a link.