Katarina Pollak, 2. 4. 2022

Julija Zdanovska, promising young mathematician, victim of Russian agression in Ukraine

We would like to share the tribute to the young promising Ukrainian mathematician Julia Zdanovska (2001-2022) created by the mathematician and illustrator Constanza Rojas-Molina (www.crojasmolina.com). Julija died in the Russian bombing of Kharkiv. She was 21 years old.
Julia Zdanovska participated at several European Girls' Mathematical Olympiads (EGMO). She  wanted to pass on her knowledge of mathematics to the next generations. As a volunteer, she was preparing younger contestants for the EGMO, and her desire was to teach children from smaller towns and villages who did not have the privilege of high-quality education. 
At the DMFA of Slovenia we strongly condemn Russian military aggression and we express our outrage and sympathy for Ukraine, Julia’s relatives, and all Ukrainians.